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When The Store Bought PC Won't Do, Give US A Call

At On Time Technical Services, we know that the major computer manufacturers are not paying much attention to the specialty computer market. Most retail, store bought computers or mail order computers contain parts that were engineered to save them money and encourage you to upgrade from their basic model at a seriously inflated price.

As technology progresses, components are getting cheaper and more easy to install and configure than ever before. At the same time, many people are looking at using their computers for more than just writing documents and playing on the Internet. For those who understand the powers of a specialty machine, we encourage you to build your own specialty machine and we would like to help you put together your personal screaming tower of power!

Every computer we build is based on the individual needs of the user and contains only the best hand picked components available in today’s market of upper echelon parts. For PC's built for home theater control and extreme gaming machines, On Time Technical Services is your source for your first or your next ultra-high-performance machine that will handle today's specialty applications. Call us today to begin the process. We'll do the research, advise you on how to proceed, locate the lowest component pricing, gather the parts and either assist you in the assembly process or we will do it all for you for a low consulting fee.

Specialty Computer Consultation $40.00
Market Research And Assembly $100.00