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PCDoctor PLUS Service
($99 per system onsite)

For those who prefer not to spend time worrying about the maintenance of their computers, we can offer you our PCDoctorPLUS service. This service includes a more extensive cleaning of your entire PC or server system, and some added peripheral service that users can benefit from. The PCDoctorPLUS service includes all the items listed in the standard PCDoctor service plus:

  • Thorough CPU Cleaning
    A more thorough cleaning of your system's CPU to include the exterior of the case
  • Clean Peripherals
    We'll clean your display, keyboard, mouse, floppy and CD-ROM drives, and more
  • Printer Maintenance
    We'll clean your printer out, run check and clean paper paths, and check the toner
  • Backup Verification
    We'll verify that your are backing up your data properly and assist you with setting it up properly, ensuring that backups are running regularly, and verifying the data on your tapes
  • Software Upgrades
    We will track your software installations and notify you of any upgrades, vendor patches, or critical bug fixes you need
  • System "Cleanup"
    We'll analyze your system and remove any files that definitly not needed, assist you with the organization of your files in a more efficient manner, and basically clean up your hard disk(s).

DO NOT under-estimate the value of regular preventative maintenance. Food for thought: Our regular PCDoctor service is only $59. Suppose your system gets a bit choked with dust because you are not maintaining it and your processor begins to overheats. It will cost you a minimum of $75 for the labor alone to replace the system processor - add to that the cost of a replacement processor.. There are more real life examples to support the need for preventative maintenance. It will save you money in the long run.


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