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PCDoctor Service
($59 per system onsite)

Companies of all sizes, and even home users, should have their computers cleaned and maintained regularly. Our PCDoctor service accomplishes this and more. We have combined a thorough software and hardware diagnostic package with a general cleaning and maintenance of your computer to avoid downtime as best as possible.

Hardware Diagnostics
We run through a complete battery of tests, checking everything from the motherboard, system memory, and hard drive to the floppy drive and monitor.

Software Maintenance
Proper maintenance of your software files include scanning your hard drive, defragmenting your files, and removal of "junk" on your hard disk.

Virus Scan
We'll check your system for any known viruses, and eradicate them if needed.

Dust Removal
Dust can be a killer! We'll open up your computer chassis and blow all of the dust out. Remember, if dust builds up, it can trap heat and damage your system.