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Statement Of Quality

On Time Technical Services is a locally owned and operated company which means you get the same great professional level of service without the inflated professional price. Just like the big guys, we're licensed, certified, experienced, and have the most up to date knowledge of what's hot, and what's not in the field of computers. We get the job done quickly, inexpensively, and right... the first time. The quality of our work is never anything less than excellent!

On Time Technical Services, formerly (JCornett & Associates) started in late 1997 by the current company owner, Mr. John W. Cornett. Mr. Cornett comes from a strong technology background in addition to Professional Audio Recording/Engineering history and has been working with computers since the age of 18 while serving in the US Air Force. He has worked with everything from Apple 2E's to Unisys Mainframe Computers and everything in between and enjoys them all equally. John has held computer related jobs with IBM, Intel, Sprint LTD and been heavily involved in the IT industry since 1986. John has been educated through both formal instruction and self guided study and enjoys staying up to date on the latest technology in the marketplace.

When asked why he decided to start On Time Technical Services, John replied: "I started the company because I saw a need for technology in small and developing workplaces with no reasonably priced way to get it. I love working with the technology and enjoy demystifying it for non-computer-experts. I like working with people who really want to understand technology to better themselves and I always try to help them to get what they want in the most dignified manner possible. That's what gets me excited to wake up and go to work every day.

The rest of the On Time Technical Services team are from very diverse backgrounds in the computer industry, each specializing in areas such as Web Design, Programming, Networking (Microsoft and Novell), and Help Desk Coordination. All of our team members however are very friendly, love to work with people, and are very knowledgeable about all aspects of the computer repair industry. As one of our field engineers, Jill Uren, put it: "I love being a part of the OTTS team because I get to go out into the community, solve problems, make new friends, and I am always met with unique challenges that make this job wonderful. Also, there is nothing better than going to work everyday and seeing a smile emerge from a frustrated face, that's what we do, and I love it!"

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