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Network Administration Service
($85.00 per hour)

When your company needs all of it’s computers, your computers need the expert attention that On Time Technical Services can provide. Building and maintaining "networked" computers and servers is what we do. We promise to do our best to care and maintain your network so that you will have more time available to focus on maintaiing and growing your business.

Our NetAdmin service is geared to make certain that your Windows or Netware LAN performs as designed. We will assist you in keep your systems connected and communicating across your network at all times. We can provide you with regular scheduled maintenance and diagnostics to ensure that your Network stays up and running. In the event of a disruption or network outage due to hardware or software failure, we have technicians standing by should you require emergency onsite service and assistance. The NetAdmin service includes the following:

User Maintenance
Adding/removing users, setting up user accounts

Email Maintenance
Verifying your company Email is flowing as expected

Network Security
Install Security Tools and verify the security of your LAN

File Maintenance
Verify integrity and structure of vital data and that storage on LAN is adequate

Network Troubleshooting
Ongoing resolution of any network problems by checking all error and event logs.

Backup Verification
Verify that backups are setup properly, ensure data backups are scheduled and ran regularly, data is verified and tapes are stored in a safe and secure environment in order to preserve the data on your tapes

Virus Scan Maintenance
Verify your systems are properly scanning for virus intrusions, and ensuring that your virus scan application and virus signature files are up-to-date

Software Upgrades

Analyze installation of your system software and notifying you of any recommended upgrades, critical updates, patches, or bug fixes you systems may need

Administrator Training
Personal one-on-one training for a person on your staff who is your designated Network Administrator" in the issues that can arise regarding day-to-day operations

Routine Administration
Performance of all things necessary to keep your file server and LAN running in optimal condition