"On Time"Technical Services

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Standard Service
($75 per hour)

Standard service includes all types of normal computer service. This includes, but is not limited to, repair, upgrades, general consulting, troubleshooting, delivery and installation, and more. If you need to add a hard drive to your machine, or if your system crashes, or if you can't figure out why Microsoft Word won't load, you need Standard service. Standard service does not include anything listed under our Premium service.

Hard drive crashed? Can't figure out why Windows won't load? This service involves repairing damaged or malfunctioning computers.

Need to add a bigger hard drive, install a new version of Windows? This service includes all upgrades needed to your PCs.

General Consulting
General consulting is any non-programmer related consulting, such as a professional needs assessment, recommending an upgrade path, deciding which software solution is best for your company, and so on.

Don't know what's wrong? We'll figure it out for you.

Setup & Delivery
Need new merchandise delivered or set up for you? Your Standard service plan takes care of it.